What WE DO

After-school program Vietnam Estudia, Cataño, Puerto Rico.
This educational program has a dual purpose: serve children in need of Vietnam and
other neighboring communities and empower members of the community to confront
challenges to their development. This project operates because of support from our
volunteers and Puma Energy Foundation, Community Foundation of Puerto Rico, MCS
Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico Foundation for the Disemination of Quiropractic
Principles, Madres de Vietnam (Mothers of Vietnam, commuity-based group).  


Mangrove nursery, Cataño, Puerto Rico.
Mangrove experimental station (Pilot Project) to develop different mechanisms to
introduce seed germination of red mangroves. In the nursery there are also black
and button mangroves.

Mangrove reforestation proyect, Cataño, Puerto Rico.
Plant and monitor the red, white and black mangroves in the Parque La Esperanza y
Vietname, Cataño. This project is in coordination with El Corredor del Yaguazo, Inc.

CARAS de las Américas
P.O.Box 192386 San Juan, P.R. 00919-2386
Tel.: 787-235-2151
Construction of a classroom in Georgeville, Belice
Planting mangroves in Cataño,
Puerto Rico
Participans and community members of  
Nueva Santa Catarina Ixtahuacán, Guatemala
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