CARAS de las Américas
3051 Idaho Ave., N.W. suite 206
Washington, D.C. 20016
Tel.: 847-436-8408
CARAS of the Americas offers service-learning programs in several Latin American countries called
Programs for International Encounters (PIE). Each program offers its participants opportunities to learn
about the country and community through workshops and lectures, cultural activities and participatory
social projects that contribute to sustainable development in the communities.

CARAS has coordinated and carried out 7 International Programs with the participation of more than
150 university students.
CARAS has worked with communities in Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala,
Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru.

Participants interact with diverse cultures while contributing to local projects that support improvement
in areas such as education, health, and environment that increase civic participation and encourage

The most recent PIE was held in Guatemala, from March, 27 to April, 4 2010. The eight participants
from Puerto Rico met with NGOs and community leaders in Guatemala City, Lake Atitlan, and Santa
Catarina, Ixtahuacán where they carried out
Project Information in Guatemala.
Building a house in Lacarpio, Costa Rica
Building a classroom in Georgeville, Belice
Installing a water
project in Santa Rita,
Communal garden agricultural project, Xela,